Recent Publications

In The Journal of Human Lactation by Zixin Lou, Guo Zeng, John Orme, Lujiao Huang, Fang Liu,  Xuehong Pang,  Katherine Kavanagh- Breastfeeding knowledge, attitudes, and intention in a sample of Chinese undergraduate students.

In The Journal of Human Lactation by Zixin Lou, Guo Zeng, Lujiao Huang, Yu Wang, Lan Zhou, Katherine Kavanagh-  Maternal reported indicators and causes of perceived insufficient milk supply
In Pediatrics by Chantelle Hart, Mary Carskadon, Robert Considine, Joseph Fava, Jessica Lawton, Hollie Raynor, Elissa Jelalian, Judith Owens, and Rena Wing- Changes in Children’s Sleep Duration on Food Intake, Weight, and Leptin

In Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry by Meredith Howell, Rui Li, Rui Zhang, Yang Li, Wei Chen, and Guoxun Chen- The expression of Apoc3 mRNA is regulated by HNF4α and COUP-TFII, but not acute retinoid treatments, in primary rat hepatocytes and hepatoma cells.

In the American Journal of Health Promotion by Tonya Horacek, Adrienne White, Carol Byrd-Bredbenner, Melissa Reznar, Melissa Olfert, Jessie Morrell, Mallory Koenings, Onika Brown, Karla Shelnutt, Kendra Kattelmann, Geoff Greene, Sarah Colby, Carrie Thompson-Snyder.- PACES: A Physical Activity Campus Environmental Supports Audit on University Campuses.

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