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HEAL Publications

Below is a brief list of published research that has been conducted by Hollie Raynor, her colleagues, and her students.

Raynor, H. A., Propst, S., Robson, S., Berlin, K. S., Barroso, C. S., & Khatri P. (2022). Implementing Prevention Plus with Underserved Families in an Integrated Primary Care Setting. Childhood Obesity, 18, 254-265.

Bean, M. K., Raynor, H. A., Thornton, L. M., de Jonge, L., & Mazzeo, S. E. (2022). Design and rationale for evaluating the impact of salad bars on elementary school students’ fruit, vegetable, and energy intake: a wait list control, cluster randomized controlled trial. BMC Public Health, 22, 2304.

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Raynor, H. A., Mazzeo, S. E., LaRose, J. G., Adams, E. L., Thornton, L. M., Caccavale, L. J., & Bean, M. K. (2021). Effect of a high-intensity dietary intervention on changes in dietary intake and eating pathology during a multi-component adolescent obesity intervention.  Nutrients, 13, 1850.

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Raynor, H. A., Thomas, J. G., Cardoso, C. C., Wojtanowski, A. C., & Foster, G. D. (2019). Examining the pattern of new foods and beverages consumed during obesity treatment to inform strategies for self-monitoring intake. Appetite, 132, 147-153.

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*Coletta, A., Bachman, J., Tepper, B. J., & Raynor, H. A. (2013).  Greater energy reduction in 6-n-propylthiouracil (PROP) super-tasters as compared to non-tasters during a lifestyle intervention. Eating Behaviors, 14, 180-183.

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*Indicates student